Who is the inside trader – Rajat Gupta, Rajaratnam, Goldman Sachs or Warren Buffett?

Who is the inside trader – Rajat Gupta, Rajaratnam, Goldman Sachs or Warren Buffett?

1. Good intentions

Growing inequality in the U.S. is not only killing the economy, but it threatens to undermine the nation’s values and identity. America today can no longer regard itself as the land of opportunity that it once was, with equality of opportunity less evident than in Europe. – Joseph Stiglitz

The occupy Wall Street movement to me is a great example. In this case unfortunately is not the solution but people say ‘enough is enough’. I want solutions and it should send a strong message. – Paul Polson, Chairman Unilever

Preet Bharara, who has been leading the Obama administration’s ongoing crackdown on insider trading, said in a statement released after the conviction that Gupta “once stood at the apex of the international business community. Today, he stands convicted of securities fraud. He achieved remarkable success and stature, but he threw it all away. Having fallen from respected insider to convicted inside trader, Mr. Gupta has now exchanged the lofty board room for the prospect of a lowly jail cell.” – TIME

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. ~ Albert Einstein Continue reading


Harmonizing #CSR and #Sustainability

In a recent post by Aman Das in Vault.com on the topic The 2011 CSR Debate, Part 1: CSR Is an Evolution, Not a Revolution by Henk Campher http://bit.ly/heUhHI and on the same site another interesting post The 2011 CSR Debate, Part 2: It’s Sustainability, stupid! by Alberto Andreu, Continue reading