Civil Obedience Movement – Corporate Strategy for Social Values

The fight of satyagraha is for the strong in spirit, not the doubter or the timid. – Mahatma Gandhi

Civil Obedience Movement:

On the historic day of 12th March 1930, Gandhi inaugurated The Civil Disobedience Movement by conducting the historic Dandi Salt March, where he broke the Salt Laws imposed by the British Government.

  On 5th April 2011 Veteran social activist Anna Hazare started his indefinite fast unto death to press for the demand to involve civil society in formulation of the anti-graft Lokpal (ombudsman) bill. He broke the impasse of 42 years in getting the laws of the land to bring the public official to book – to enact Lokpal Bill.

This is the beginning of the Civil Obedience Movement in India in the year 2011. [Picture courtesy – Mani Bhavan, Rediff] Continue reading


Can you spot any loophole in the #Lokpal draft? – Rediif

I give below what I have submitted to Rediff on their initiative on – Can you spot any loophole in the Lokpal draft? Herein I have given the full text of their version, after my submission below, that you are requested to go to their site and fill in the form to submit your views that you may notice of any loophole in the Lokpal Draft. You may also pass on this information to Lokpal Bill Committee and the members of the Civil Society who have taken the initiative to introduce this  Bill in the Parliament that I consider a step in the right direction for the welfare of the People of India. Thanks:

Jayaraman Rajah Iyer

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Lokpal ~ UNCAC Definitions Compared

Giving below only the definitions of Lokpal and Use of Terms of UNCAC. The scope of UNCAC is surely far and wide than Lokpal. Once UNCAC is ratified the power to arrest the corruption is more effective than Lokpal. Lokpal basically can dig out the past corruption cases whereas UNCAC has the singular capability to prevent corruption.

However I am in full support of Anna Hazare on his endeavor to enact Lokpal Bill. The announcement by PM Manmohan SIngh on 21st April 2011 to ratify UNCAC is a welcome step in the right direction. Please also see the video on the scam levels here in India that the video calls the country as ‘Indian Republic of Scams’, as provided by IAC – India Against Corruption, a group of eminent men and women of India who have taken a lead in eradication of corruption.

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