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Letter to CEOs : CREAM™ Report – Jump out of GAAP to measure Corporate Energy e = mc²

Letter to CEOs : Jump out of GAAP to measure Corporate Energy e = mc²

CREAM™ Report – assured Profits maximiser – Insures the n-dimensional problems – ensures robust Value System: by Return on Intangible – <Return on Investment is passé>:


Harvard Business School professor and former Medtronic chairman and chief executive Bill George argues that this obsession with short-term performance comes at the detriment of long-term value creationi.

Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter makes the case that business can help tackle social problems. The systems that we’ve developed to deal with social issues, including NGOs and philanthropies, are well-meaning and motivated, but they’re not designed to scale. “The awkward reality is that we’re not making fast enough progress. We’re not winning,” says Porter. “These problems seem very daunting and intractable. Any solutions we’re achieving are small solutions, incremental progress.” The issue: the current model doesn’t have nearly enough resources to finance the necessary change. We need to confront this issue head-on. “How do we create resources?” asks Porter. [TED talk].

CREAM™ Report addresses the issues raised by the Harvard professors on two counts:

  1. Long-term value creation,
  2. How to tackle n-dimensional problems facing the Society.

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